2010 Santa Julia [+] Torrontes

30099131110_bottleThe Santa Julia [+] Torrontes is 100% Torrontes sourced from the sustainably grown grapes from the Mendoza growing region in Argentina. The grapes are hand picked and the wine is aged in stainless steel vats. This is the classic white wine from Argentina, the perfect summer wine. The alcohol content is a relatively stout 13.8%.

The color is a pale wheat yellow, looks sorta of like a glass of PBR. The nose is strong and unique, it smells of  bad rose incense, orange juice, pears and strong pink grapefruit. The nose is strong, but the taste is subdued, upfront there is orange zest and pineapple, slightly soapy with a nice slap of minerality (think licking a piece of slate). The flavors transition to peach and pear, but the minerality keeps holding court. A good Torrontes should have a healthy dose of acidity and the Santa Julia has acidity in spades. The finish does not quit.

Here is a wine law, not just a wine rule, drink white wine from countries where summer lasts all year round. It works with the Mediterranean and it works with South America. These people are not playing games, they know what goes with hot summer weather. Wine snobs will tell you all about Burgundy and Bordeaux and as much as I like those wines, when the weather gets hot, cool wine drinkers start looking south. Torrontes rocks the summer.


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