2010 Paso A Paso Organic White Wine

70376The 2010 Paso A Paso (translates to step by step) Organic White wine is a mystery wine, it is a White blend, but the bottle does not list the grapes or a Winery. The grapes are certified organic from vineyards in La Mancha, Spain and the wine is a Jorge Ordonez Selection. Jorge Ordonez is an Importer, Winemaker and Negociant, so the Paso A Paso seems to be a Negociant wine imported for Whole Foods. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

It is the color of the syrup in a can of sliced pears. The nose is Anjou pear, dried apricots, cut flowers and melon. A light, crisp wine, peach, Bosc pear, cantaloupe and a slightly grassy flavor  comprise the body of the wine. The mid-palate adds a touch of green apple, core, seeds and all. The acidity is balanced or maybe a little on the light side and the finish is short.

The Paso A Paso White is an interesting wine, there are more earthy, grassy notes than in most under $10 wines. If you are shopping Whole Foods, then you are all about organic wine and if you are into value wine, then Jorge Ordonez is someone you should know, his name is on the back of some of the best wines imported from Spain. The Paso A Paso is a little funky, a little different, but in a good way, it is a nice change up from the same old, same old.

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