2010 Francois Pinon “Les Trois Argiles” Vouvray

Les Trois Argiles Vouvray The 2010 Francois Pinon “Les Trois Argiles” Vouvray is a freaky good 100% Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley’s François Pinon, who sourced the grapes from three different clay-soiled areas of his vineyards.

A sniff of the 2010 Les Trois Argiles (French for “the three clays”) gives up sweet spice and bushels of juicy citrus and pear.

A sip slides you some apple and almost takes you down a lightly sweet old French country road, but instead takes a quick left and leads you down an old dried up stony mineral stream bed lined with pear and apple orchards. The crazy, steely acid takes over and finishes you off with long, dry melon and green apple.

Drink it with Pad Thai or some aged cheese.

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