2010 Found Object Syrah

93337The 2010 Found Object Syrah is a Trader Joe’s ($7.99) exclusive, sourced from the Colchagua Valley, in the Rapel Valley region of Chile. The Colchagua Valley is the sweet spot for Chilean wine, they have a Mediterranean climate and receive cool morning breezes off the Pacific Ocean, just like Napa Valley, only with no smog and pollution. This Syrah is made by the same winery that makes the Panilonco label for Trader Joe’s. The alcohol content is 13.1%.

The color is a pretty cherry red with purple highlights. The nose is plum, herbal tea, mint and a slight floral scent. A medium bodied, balanced wine, with firm tannins and a solid measure of acidity. This is a bit different from the usual 8 buck wines, normally they are fruit first and structure second, here that is reversed. It tastes of raspberry and blueberry, with a bit of cola and a late hit of spice. The mid palate transitions to mild, but funky flavors of nutmeg and pepper. The finish is the same as the body of the wine and most of it fades quickly, but a shadow of the finish lingers for some time.

The Found Object Syrah is a wine that does not follow the, “Hit you with everything its got” Australian Shiraz formula, but rather “balance and length is everything” French Syrah template. There was a time when all makers of under $10 wines tried to dazzle you with fruit and hope you didn’t notice the lack of structure. If you are looking for value wine, Chilean wines cannot be ignored.

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2 comments on “2010 Found Object Syrah

  1. sarah says:

    found object? well, as with most found objects, i determined that it’s best not to put this one in your mouth. it has overtones of gasoline and i had a headache within ten minutes of two mouthfuls. kind of a bummer for an $8 spend at TJs. i should’ve gone with the 2 buck chuck.

  2. Nora says:

    I agree – the nose was vile upon opening the bottle, the color Cool Aid red, and it tasted of chemicals. Avoid at all cost!

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