2010 Bogle Chardonnay

111890dThe 2010 Bogle Chardonnay is sourced from vineyards in the Clarksburg and Monterey grape growing AVA’s in Northern California. Bogle Vineyards (family owned) is the largest winery in Clarksburg and the majority of the grapes grown in Clarksburg are sold to wineries in other California growing AVA’s. This is an under $10 Chardonnay, but this is not a simply made wine. A portion of this wine underwent malolactic fermentation, where the natural malic acid (tart tasting) is converted to lactic acid (apple and butter).  50% of the Chardonnay was aged in new American oak barrels for 9 months and the wine was aged sur lie. Sur lie is the process where all the leftover grape residue and dead yeast is left in the fermentation tanks and all the bits and pieces impart a creamy texture and a nutty flavor to the wine. There was no skimping at the winery in the making of this Chardonnay. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is a pale golden yellow. The nose is apple with a touch of honey, a mingling of lemon and pear and a light floral scent. It starts with sliced, fresh green apple slices drizzled with fresh squeezed lime juice, creamy smooth pear, a light mineral edge, faint butter and finally honeydew melon. The flavors are fresh and juicy and very well balanced, the fleshy fruit and the tart citrus balance each other. The acidity  shows itself on the finish and helps the pear and lime start out strong, but it does fade before long.

The 2010 Bogle Chardonnay hits very hard for the money, most good under ten dollar Chardonnay tends to be “naked” Chardonnay, simply made, no oak, nothing fancy, just fresh fruit. The Bogle Chard has almost all the bells and whistles and comes out amazingly balanced and very tasty. This is an oaked Chardonnay, that unoaked Chardonnay lovers can enjoy. Bring on summer, a glass of inexpensive Chardonnay on a warm summer’s evening has never been better.

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