2009 Proyecto Garnachas de Espanas Moncayo Savage

garnachaThe 2009 Proyecto Garnachas de Espanas is part of a special project featuring 5 different Garnachas/Grenache sourced from single vineyards located in 5 different growing areas in Spain. The Moncayo Garnacha Savage is sourced from a single 55 year old vineyard near the town of Santa Cruz de Moncayo in the Ribera Del Queiles in Aragon, Spain.  The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged for 5 months in French oak barrels.

The color is very purple. The nose is dark and slightly funky, mushroom, grape Kool-Aid, blackberry, coffee and grass clippings. This is a very dry wine, but with a velvety mouth-feel.This is not a wine tailored for the American palate, it is here to demonstrate Garnacha Terrior (pronounced tear-wa, a french word that sort of translates to the effects location, weather and soil have on wine) in Spain.  Blackberry and strong licorice lead things off, then plum and dark chocolate come on-board. The mid-palate brings softer blueberry and vanilla. The Garnacha/Grenache grape is low in tannins and this is low in tannins, but has lip smacking acidity. The finish is soft dark berries and is of good length.

The Proyecto Garnachas de Espanas an extremely drinkable, but dark and brooding wine. Maybe not the ideal wine for summertime drinking, its more of a sitting around a roaring fire kind of wine. Just the same, The Proyecto Garnachas is a lot of wine for 10 bucks.

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