2009 Ass Kisser Shiraz

AK_Shiraz__87247_stdThe 2009 Ass Kisser Shiraz is 100% Shiraz sourced from  vineyards in South Australia (along with Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania make up the Southeastern Australia growing region) and is produced by Rocland Estate Family Winery. There are 16 growing regions in South Australia, including Barossa, Adelaide and McLaren Vale. The Shiraz is aged for 18 months in new and used French and American oak barrels. With 18 months in oak, the wine with the silly name and label is a candidate for cellaring. The alcohol content is 14.5%.

The color is deep dark opaque blood plasma red. It has an interesting nose, red velvet cake, Christmas spice, blueberry muffin and vanilla, this would make a decent holiday scented candle. The initial flavors are round, rich and smooth, blackberry starts thing off, followed by cherry and chocolate, almost fudge. The mid-palate adds raspberry, vanilla, a light touch of spice and a late splash, of all things, sweet pickle juice. The tannins provide some structure, but don’t interfere and the acidity is evident, but balanced. The blueberry and vanilla finish is strong and lasts a decent amount of time.

Well, what’s an old school, big boy Shiraz without a silly ass name? The Ass Kisser is a drinking wine, not a food wine, unless you just happen to have a slice of pizza in one hand and a wine glass in the other. It tastes big, bold and luscious like only an over the top Aussie Shiraz can. Australian Shiraz and Syrah in general have fallen out of favor with wine critics and the general wine drinking public, balanced, reasonable wines are now the flavor of the month. But, I still think there is a place for bold wines, with rich fruit and decadent chocolate and a touch of spice.

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  1. Roger Labrador says:

    I wonder if “Ass Kisser” has a sweet wine

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