2009 Armand Roux Verdillac Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc

ImageHandler.ashxThe 2009 Armand Roux Verdillac Bordeaux Sauvignon BlancTrader Joe’s $7.99. In Bordeaux, the blanc or white wine is primarily Sauvignon Blanc blended with Semillon, in past vintages the Verdillac Sauvignon Blanc was a mostly Sauvignon Blanc with a smaller percentage of Semillon. This is a negociant wine, which Bordeaux Estate grew the grapes or produced the wine is unknown. The alcohol content is 12%.

The color is a pale butter yellow. The nose is crisp grapefruit, orange zest, lemon with pineapple. Not bad, it starts out canned pears in light syrup and then tart and tropical kicks in, pineapple, lime, dried apricot and papaya. There is a touch to much acidity, it drowns out the finish, I drank this at room temperature, putting a chill on it would help balance out the acidity.

This is what I like about Trader Joe’s wines, for less than 8 bucks you are drinking Bordeaux, sometimes it is good and sometimes it is less than good, but its always cheap, so why not give it a try.

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