2005 Abbaye de Saint-Ferme “Les Vignes du Soir”

A lovely representation of Right Bank Bordeaux by the glass. Essentially declassified St. Emilion grapes, we have a blend of Merlot (70%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) and Cabernet Franc (10%). The resulting juice is light in body, elegant in style, and definitively old world in character.  At first look we have a delicate garnet hue with just the beginnings of some color variation towards the rim. The alcohol weighs in at 13.5%, slender legs give away this fact and the weight on the palate is at once light and vibrant. The nose is ethereal, and more tending to delicate floral notes and red fruit with just a light almond tone. On the palate things change a bit. Subtle blue fruit, balanced acidity, soft tannins and well tilled earth round out the flavor profile to my great satisfaction.

It is a pure and sublime enjoyment to have access to wines of this caliber at such a laughable low price. Furthermore, it is deeply reassuring that such loveliness is offered up by the universe at large, proving there is yet a base kindness woven into the fabric of creation itself. If enjoying a bottle at home, allow 10 minutes for it to fully express itself, enjoy!

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