Yellow Tail Chardonnay 2012

yellowtailchardonnay2012The 2012 Yellow Tail or [yellow tail] (as it says on the label) is sourced from vineyards in South Eastern Australia. The 2012 vintage in Australia is possibly the best vintage in the last 20 years. If you are looking for inexpensive wines from Australia, 2012 is your year. This Chardonnay sees a little bit of oak during the aging process, they do not specify oak barrels. I used to be one of those, friends don’t let friends drink cartoon critter wines, kind of guys. But over the years, I have been disappointed by wines that I really, really wanted to like and well pleased by wines I expected nothing from. So, I adopted a don’t judge the wine till you taste it policy. The 2012 Chardonnay received a Best Value rating from Wine Spectator. I found this selling for $5.99 at a local supermarket and the alcohol content is a very Burgundian 12.5%

The color is crystal clear olive oil yellow. The nose is tropical fruit, a little honey, lemon, vanilla coffee creamer and a floral edge. It tastes of pineapple, melon, tart apple and lime. The body is light, but the flavors are strong. The mid palate shows some unsweetened 7up, along with a little creamy butter. The acidity is light and the finish is fairly long.

The 2012 Yellow Tail Chardonnay has very interesting flavor profile, the body is a bit too light for my personal preference, but you get your moneys worth in the flavor department. Perfect for a tuesday night out on the balcony or deck, this isn’t a wine I would choose to pair with food, too light bodied and not enough acidity, but it drinks fine, you can find it just about everywhere and the price is right.

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