65804yellow tail] Bubbles Rose’ is a blend of Semillon, Traminer (in the Gewurztraminer family), Shiraz and Frontignac ( the Australian name for Muscat Blanc) sourced from vineyards in southeast Australia. This is designated a Dry Bubbly meaning that is on the sweet side. They don’t say which production method they used to add the bubbles, since winemakers who use the Champagne Method usually have that plastered all over their literature, this Bubbly was probably made in the Charmat Method, the same as Prosecco or Spumante. The alcohol content is a mild 11.5% and Wine Spectator gave these Bubbles a very respectable 87 points. It has a resealable top, my problem with Bubbles is not resealing the bottle, it’s running out too soon.

The color is a pale amber pink with a steady stream of tight, tiny bubbles. The nose is strawberry, spice drops candy and pear, not a vivid nose, more muted scents. This is a fairly simple, refreshing Sparkling wine. It tastes of not too sweet pink lemonade, tart cherry and unsweetened 7up. There is a mineral water edge to the finish that balanced the wine’s sweetness. The acidity adds a shine to these Bubbles and allows the finish to linger for a while.

The [yellow tail] Bubbles Rose’ is a subtle, understated, balanced Sparkling wine. These Bubbles go down very easily. It is not a complex or layered Sparkling wine, but in this price range (I found it for $8.97) Bubbles rarely are. [yellow tail] bubbles Rose’ is a different take on adult, fun, party Bubbles, this is the bottle you take a pull from when it’s your turn to be the DJ.

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