WTF !!! Pinot Noir

wtfpinotnoirThe non vintage WTF !!! Pinot Noir is a medium sweet wine sourced from vineyards in the Rheinhessen region of Germany. WTF !!! is made by TXT Cellars who also offer LOL !!! Riesling, OMG !!! Chardonnay and CYA !!! Shiraz along with a few others. Rheinhessen is the largest grape growing region in Germany and they have been cultivating grapes and producing wine since Roman times. The alcohol content is a relatively light 11%.

The color is an extremely pale garnet red, any lighter and this would be a Rose’. The nose is red berries and a slap of spice, it is on the muted side. This is a light bodied, but not watered down Pinot Noir. It tastes of cherry and raspberry jelly, with a little cinnamon spice and some strawberry in cream. What happens upfront is all that you get, there is no mid palate. The tannins are hidden and the acidity is well balanced. The simple finish does last a decent length of time.

If you are looking for a high end Pinot Noir on the cheap, then you are SOL. The WTF !!! is a simple, but very easy to drink, light Red wine. Don’t think of it as a Pinot Noir, it does not have the depth and complexity of even Pinot’s in the $10 to $15 range. But as a light, sweet, smooth inexpensive Red wine, it is perfectly fine. It is more of a beginners wine or a Red wine for White wine drinkers, but someone looking for a French or California Pinot Noir will not be excited by the WTF !!!, TTYL.

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