The Press Sauvignon Blanc 2012

2012thepresssauvblancThe 2012 The Press Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from sustainably grown vineyards located in Mendocino County in Northern California. The Press is a label owned by the H. A. Oswald family who own and operated Husch Vineyards who produce Estate bottled wines in the Anderson Valley of Mendocino County, though The Press is not listed on their website. The grapes were handpicked and are tossed into the grape press as soon as the bins of harvested grapes reached the winery. The 2012  California grape harvest was an outstanding vintage, especially so in Northern California. This Sauvignon Blanc should sell for around $9.99 and the alcohol content is 13.7%.

The color is an extremely pale golden yellow. The nose is lemon, citrus, along with a grassy note and a soft floral edge. It starts with a mix of lemon and pineapple, followed by melon and mild orange. The mid palate brings lime, a touch of minerality and late hit of pear and apricot. This Sauvignon Blanc has a soft, plush mouth feel and a solid, balanced allotment of acidity. The finish fades after a while, but never really goes away.

The Press Sauvignon Blanc is a welcome change of pace Sauv Blanc, while others from New Zealand and France are dominated by tropical fruit and citrus, The Press on the lemony side while still retaining bright citrus and mellow fruit. As for pairing, the lemony component of the Press would enhance fish or seafood and would also work well with pasta with white sauce and of course, it drinks just fine on its own.

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