The Corker Shiraz 2012

thecorkershiraz2012The 2012 The Corker Shiraz is sourced from grapes grown in the Riverland region of South Australia. A Corker is Australian slang for something that is excellent or remarkable and is also a pun given that it is the name of a wine brand, except this is an Australian wine, so of course a screw-cap is used, not a cork. Maybe it should be called The Screwer, then again, maybe it shouldn’t. The Corker is a line of wines from Salena Estates, a family own winery located in Riverland and in business since 1998. You may not be familiar with the Riverland growing area, Barossa and McLaren Vale are better known, but 30% of all Australian wine comes from Riverland. The 2012 grape vintage in Australia was the best in many years and the alcohol content is a tame by Australian Shiraz standards of a few years back, 13.5%.

The color is a deep, Dorothy’s ruby slippers red, with an almost clear halo. The nose is ripe dark berries and savory, spicy aromas. It begins with blackberry, licorice, oak spice, fresh ground black pepper and plum. The mid palate brings along some sweet blueberry, curry spice and tobacco. The tannins well integrated and the acidity is well balanced. The finish is full and lengthy.

Well, I guess this Shiraz is a Corker, there is a lot going on in this medium bodied, tasty Red wine. This is not one of those, large, over the top Shiraz of a few years back, it is lean with good length and a surprising display of complexity. The 2012 The Corker Shiraz would pair well with BBQ chicken or pork and if you are so inclined, would provide good accompaniment to a first class cigar.

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