Sokol Blosser Evolution Red 1st Edition

The Sokol Blosser Evolution Red NVER01, Prod 1st Edition is the new Red wine companion to the Sokol Blosser Evolution White, which is now on its 15th Edition. The Evolution Red is a Syrah based blend, the other grapes used are their little secret, it is also a non-vintage wine, which means that grapes grown in different years can be used in the blend. The bottle also describes the Evolution as an American wine, meaning that grapes grown in more than one state were used (Sokol Blosser is located in Oregon). Different grapes, different years, different states, a lot of effort went into this blend. The alcohol content is 13%.

The color is a crystal clear, shiny, fire engine red. The nose is plums, Altoids spice, grape Nehi soda and vanilla coffee creamer. It tastes of sour cherry, blueberries in cream, fresh squeezed orange juice (of all things) and coffee with too much creamer. The mid palate adds chocolate covered raisins and cola. This wine starts off smooth and light to medium bodied, and I was expecting fruity and silky, but this thing is a flavor riot. The finish lasts a long time.

I was expecting another good fruity supple Red blend, there are plenty of them out there, most of them are very good, but most of them are fairly similar, the Sokol Blosser Evolution Red is anything but the same old same old. You can pair this with food, the wild variety of flavors will inspire the chef in you, but to me, this is a drinking wine.

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this bottle was received as a sample
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