Sequin (Delicately Bubbled) Rose’ 2012

sequinrose2012The 2012 Sequin (Delicately Bubbled) Rose’ is made from Syrah grapes sourced from vineyards in more than one California grape growing AVA. A Rose’ is a wine made from Red grapes using White wine production techniques, it is not quite that simple, but that is the basic idea. The color is in-between Red wine and White wine, because they pull the grape skins (the color comes from the skin) out of the juice after a limited amount of time. A Rose’ is the flip side of a Red wine, all the flavors that are overpowered by the tannins,  the oak and the heavier body of a Red wine are allowed to shine in a Rose’. Sequin is a brand owned by DFV Wines, who also produce Gnarly Head, Twisted, Black Stallion and Fog Head wines, along with several others. This is not a full blown Sparkling wine, there is no cage to untwist or a cork to pop, a simple screw cap will do. This Rose’ is fermented, bubbled and aged in stainless steel tanks and the alcohol level is a manageable 11%.

The color is a mix of bubblegum pink and copper, with busy bubbles that quickly dissipate. The nose is light and delicate, some strawberry, cherry, a little Orange Crush soda. This is a tasty little party of a wine. There a touch of sweetness to this bubbly along with red berries, strawberry, raspberry and tart cherry, a long with a pleasing hit of sweet and sour in the form of a mix of muted pineapple and grapefruit. The acidity will have you smacking your lips, but in a Bubbly like this, that just adds to its crispness. The finish is soft red fruit and does linger.

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The 2012 Sequin Rose’ is very, very drinkable. Light, delicate flavors and solid acidity allows the Sequin Rose’ to pair well with shrimp or crab legs and would help put the fire out with Asian Firecracker shrimp. While the Sequin Rose’ has the structure and balance to work with food, it has too much fun potential and would really be in its element with a gathering of friends. Stick a few bottles in a bucket of ice, scrounge up a few hors d’oeuvre’s, invite a few friends and you’ve got a party.




this bottle was received as a sample


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