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ornamentalchardonnayThe Ornament Chardonnay is a $5.99 ALDI exclusive, a non-vintage IGP Pays D’Oc wine, which means it is sourced from the Languedoc region of France and is representative of the wines from the area, but does not conform to the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) rules. The main reason to purchase this Chardonnay is the bottle, which is attractive in a Christmas card sort of way. It would look good on your Holiday table, but if the wine inside is not is not up to par, then this bottle is simply an expensive ornament. As I recall, last years ALDI Holiday wine wasn’t bad and the Ornament Chardonnay may well be the exact same Chardonnay with a different label, which could be the reason it is non-vintage. The alcohol is 12%

The color is a pale wheat yellow. The nose is peach and pear, along with lemon with a touch of sugar, followed by grapefruit and unsweetened pineapple. This is a fruit forward Chardonnay, fairly dry (not sweet) with a touch of tart citrus on the mid palate. It starts with sliced apples, Del Monte canned peaches, Anjou pear and lemon, with a transition to pink grapefruit and a soft hit of lime. The acidity is understated and the finish fades quickly, but does stick around for a while.

The Ornament Chardonnay will work as a food wine, it maybe does not have the body and the acidity to hold up against boldly flavored foods, but turkey or ham will go nicely. The apple and peach contrast nicely with the lemon and the tart citrus at the end give this Chardonnay a nice boost. This is not a $20 Chardonnay in a $5.99 bottle, but it does have pleasing flavor and the bottle would look good on the holiday table. Maybe not the wine to pour for wine geeks, but your average inexpensive Chardonnay drinker should be pleased, especially when it is paired with food.

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