ONEHOPE Pinot Noir 2011

onehopepinotnoir2011The 2011 ONEHOPE Pinot Noir is sourced from vineyards in Napa, Sonoma and the Central Coast AVA in California. The winemaker is Robert Mondavi, Jr., this Pinot is aged in American oak and the alcohol content is 13.5%. That is a sampling of the technical details, but that is not the most important thing about the ONEHOPE line of wines. Every bottling supports a charity and 1/2 of the profits goes directly to these causes, $1,000,000 has been given so far. The California Pinot Noir supports Animal Adoption thru the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), for every case sold, an animal in need finds a permanent home. Each separate wine supports a different charity, the Chardonnay gives to Breast Cancer, the Cabernet Sauvignon helps Autism, the Zinfandel supports our Troops. Here is a link to the ONEHOPE website for information on all that they do. 

The color is a rich, but see-thru plum red with a clear halo. The nose is a pleasing mix of cherry, raspberry and herbs, mushroom and spice, the sweet and savory elements do not clash, they complement each other. This is a very well balanced Pinot Noir, ripe cherry upfront and a nice bit of the complicated Pinot elements on the mid palate. A light to medium bodied wine with an almost delicate feel to the flavors and textures. The acidity is well integrated, giving this Pinot Noir nice length which helps the somewhat subtle finish linger for a good length of time.

The 2011 ONEHOPE Pinot Noir is a very tasty, well made wine that has its heart in the right place. This is a very worthy Pinot Noir even if there was no charity aspect to the wine. The upcoming Holidays are a celebration of family and friends, but they are also about giving. The ONEHOPE wines will bring joy and happiness to your celebration, while giving back to a charity that is near and dear to your or a loved ones heart. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

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