ONEHOPE Chardonnay 2012

2012onehopechardonnayThe 2012 ONEHOPE Chardonnay is sourced from vineyards in Napa, Sonoma and the Central Coast AVA, with Muscat and Chenin Blanc added to the Chardonnay. Robert Mondavi JR is the winemaker, this Chardonnay sees some sort of oak aging and the alcohol content is 13.5%. The 2012 vintage was an outstanding year for California wines.  ONEHOPE wines give 1/2 the profits from each wine to charity and they have given over $1,000,000 to the 15 different causes they support. The ONEHOPE Chardonnay supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation and for every 8 cases sold, one uninsured woman will receive a mammogram. Each separate wine funds its own charity, the Sauvignon Blanc plants trees, the Sparkling wine feeds children, the Merlot fights childhood AIDS. They have a full line of wines at various price points that give to a wide range of worthy non-profit groups.

The color is a crystal clear golden yellow. The nose is a mix of magnolia flowers, pear, apricot, citrus and crisp apple. This is a light bodied Chardonnay with bright flavors and crisp acidity. It starts with apple mixed with melon, a nice slap of melted butter as a change of pace followed by lemon/lime and Anjou pear. This Chardonnay has a solid dose of acidity running thru out the wine. The finish mirrors the body of the wine and goes strong for quite some time.

The 2012 ONEHOPE Chardonnay has the structure and acidity to pair well with creative salads and fresh seafood and is crisp and refreshing as a sipping wine. In 2012 almost 40,000 women died from complications due to Breast Cancer, in the United States women have a 1 in 8 chance of developing Breast Cancer, those are not odds that anyone is comfortable with. Doing good, giving to  foundations that are fighting the good fight, even if you are drinking wine while rather painlessly giving, is still doing some good. Who knows which dollar will be the one that pays for the mammogram that detects a problem early enough to save a life?

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