N.V. Loosen Bros. “Dr. L” Sparkling Riesling

loosen-dr-l-riesling-bThis time of year, the most common question we get asked is probably, “What wine would go with my Thanksgiving dinner?”  Well when wondering what to pair with an all-American meal of turkducken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, why not go German? I mean, nothing pairs with your Turkey Day meal quite like an elegant Riesling – the ever-popular, fruity, crisp, juicy, sweet grape that put Germany on the wine map centuries ago.

On the other hand, it’s the holidays – time to celebrate! Do a sparkling wine instead! Nothing fizzes “4-day weekend” quite like bubbly!

Well now you don’t have to choose, thanks to the good Dr. “L.”!  He’s one of Germany’s top Riesling producers, well-known for single-vineyard, high-quality wines from the Mosel, Germany’s most famous wine region and the land of sekt (that’s German for sparkling wine)! Germans love their sparklers, and quite frankly, keep most of the good stuff to themselves. So not only is it a treat to get some sekt stateside, this stuff is awesome!

A subdued nose of honey and lemon – then the taste of lime and mineral (river rocks) blend with a Granny Smith apple dipped in honey. Just a touch of sweetness and awesome turkey-loving, refreshing acid finish.

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