Monte Degli Angeli Piemonte 2010 Pinot Noir

monte-degli-angeli-collezione-del-barone-piemonte-pinot-noir-piedmont-italy-10408544This 100% Pinot Noir out of Piedmont, Italy- yes, Italy – is an absolute steal for $9.99 at Evolution Wines and Spirits. Pinot Noir is not a typical grape for Italy or its “foot of the mountain” Piedmont region. However, this region shares a border with Burgundy, and the similar continental climate of Piedmont suggests the grape would do as well there as it does in its Burgundian birthplace.

This is evidenced by Monte Degli Angeli letting the grape speak for itself, resulting in the most classic representation of Pinot Noir I’ve enjoyed outside of Burgundy at a fraction of the price.

Aged in barrels for 6 months, this wine has a subtle aroma of ripe cherries, strawberries, and raspberries, that does not forcibly grab you but rather subtly invites you in. The wine itself is not super fruit forward, but there’s enough of it there to justify the nose. Hints of toasted oak and earthiness, like truffles, are also present. The medium acidity and body combined with soft tannins give the wine a pleasant tartness and mouth feel.

The wine maker recommends pairing this with roast beef and seasoned cheeses, but this is a very versatile wine. I think of it as a crowd pleaser, a red for flavorful fish, or just simply a wine to enjoy on its own on a Sunday afternoon.

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