Masi Modello Delle Venezie Bianco 2009

masibiancoThe 2009 Masi Modello Delle Venezie Bianco (White) is a blend of 85% Pinot Grigio and 15% indigenous grapes sourced from the Masi Estate (owned and operated by the Boscaini family for 6 generations) vineyards in the Stra’ del Milione region of Friuli Grave DOC in Veneto near Venice. 40% of the Pinot Grigio was aged in oak barrels for 3 months with the remaining grapes aged in stainless steel tanks, the wine was then aged an additional month in the bottle before release. This is a young, “drink it now” wine and the 2009 vintage (which I found for $6.99, it usually sells for $10 to $14) needs to be consumed this year, so watch the vintages for this wine. Even though the grapes used for this bottle were grown in a DOC approved area, this is an IGT wine, since it was not made to DOC specifications, that usually indicates it was made in a more modern style to appeal to American tastes. The alcohol content is 12%

The color is an extra virgin olive oil yellow. The nose is a mix of apple and lemon, with a little apple core (seeds and all), melon and pear. There is an interesting mix of mellow fruit flavors and tart citrus with a mineral backbone. It tastes of  Anjou pear, fresh squeezed lime juice, cantaloupe, lemon and tart tangerine. The minerality shows up on the mid palate along with canned peach and slightly sour pineapple. The acidity is very well balanced, this White wine is made to paired with food. The finish is a tart mix of melon and citrus and lingers for quite some time.

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The Masi Modello Delle Venezie Bianco is just the ticket for Mediterranean style foods or chicken caesar salad, it has wonderful balance and an unusual and complex mix of flavors. Even though 85% of the blend is Pinot Grigio, the Masi Modello has very little in common with the leading Italian Pinot Grigio. This is a very solid, change of pace, delicious (the minerality adds an odd, in a good way, flavor/texture) summer wine, custom made to pour with your favorite light pasta dishes or savory salads.

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