Le Grotte Reggiano Lambrusco Rosso Dulce

legrotteA Trader Joe’s $4.99 wine, the Le Grotte Reggiano Lambrusco Russo Dulce (translates to sweet red) is a Sparkling wine sourced from the Lambrusco grape grown in the Reggiano nell’Emilia DOC of the Emilia-Romagna growing region in Italy. Lambrusco is both the name of the grape and the type of wine and this region has been making Lambrusco since Roman times. The alcohol content is a low 8.5%.

The color is strawberry jelly red, the bubbles are very small, more like carbonated soft drinks than champagne style bubbles. The nose is light, a touch of cherry, a little strawberry, some very ripe raspberry. Sweet, but not too sweet, the light fizz of the bubbles brings strawberry and raspberry to your taste buds. The taste reminds me of old fashioned fruit flavored soda pop, very light refreshing flavors, with mild acidity. This Lambrusco starts out sweet, but the finish is quite dry, which brings balance to this wine. There is a light but lengthy red fruit finish.

The Le Grotte Reggiano Lambrusco is a fun wine, bubbles always are a good time, but the fresh fruit flavors and the low alcohol make this a very useful wine. Refreshing and drinkable in very hot weather, it is also the responsible choice for family or neighbor get togethers where children are running around, at 8.5% alcohol you can have a glass or two and still keep a clear eye on the kids. The Le Grotte Reggiano Lambrusco will pair well with a wide variety of cuisine, just about any meal that you would drink a flavored ice tea would also support this delicious Lambrusco.

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