Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2012

kungfugirlrieslingThe 2012 Kung Fu Girl Riesling is sourced from the sustainably farmed Evergreen Vineyards (one of Milbrandt’s vineyards, if you enjoy wine from the Columbia Valley in Washington State, you will find Milbrandt’s grapes in many of the wines) in the brand new Ancient Lakes AVA inside the larger Columbia Valley AVA. The Kung Fu Girl is one of the line of wines from Charles Smith Wines , check out their website, he has an interesting story to tell. If you are new to wine and are asking yourself, why is he telling me where the grapes are grown? Well, the most dominant factor in the characteristics of a particular wine, is the soil, weather and farming practices of that vineyard. A Riesling grape grown in Mosel, Germany will taste different from a Riesling grown in Ancient Lakes, Washington, which will in turn taste different from a Riesling grown 5 miles away. The key word there is different, it is not necessarily a matter of one vineyard is good and the other is bad, it is simply that there will be differences in the resulting wine. You will read that one grape growing area is better than another, but it you should sample wines from competing locations and decide for yourself. The alcohol content is 12%.

The color is almost clear with a touch of lemon yellow. The nose is loads of beautiful, ripe fresh fruit aromas with a floral edge. This is an off dry (but, not sugary sweet) Riesling, but the fruit flavors give the impression of sweet nectar edge. It tastes of a mix of apples, peaches and pears along with a nice contrast of lime, tart orange and a little pineapple. There is a light brush of minerality on the mid palate, followed by a long silky smooth finish.

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The Kung Fu Girl Riesling has a solid dose of complexity, well balanced acidity and tons of flavor. This is a wine that folks who are new to wine and/or Riesling can drink and immediately understand what makes a good Riesling so enjoyable. You should be able to find the Kung Fu Girl for around 10 bucks, which is a great price for a single vineyard wine from a great vintage (2012 is one of the best vintages on the West Coast in decades), plus it has a cool label and will look good on your table, it is everything you can ask for in a value priced bottle of wine.


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