Hacienda_Brut_labelThe Hacienda Brut Sparkling Wine is a non vintage Bubbly sourced from more than one California grape growing AVA, and consists of 86% Chardonnay, 8% Colombard and 6% Mixed Whites (I don’t know why they say Mixed Whites rather than just listing the grapes). This Sparkling wine is made in the Methode Champenoise, which is the same system used in making Champagne. The wine is fermented once, then bottled and before the bottle is sealed yeast and rock sugar is added (this is where the bubbles are added) to each and every bottle. The bottles are turned (by special machines) about a 1/4 turn every day or two to keep the dead yeast from sticking to the side of the bottle, when aging is complete the dead yeast is removed, then cork and cage tops off the bottle. In Champagne, France the wine has to aged in the bottle for a minimum of one and a half years, Hacienda does not say how long this bottle was aged. Hacienda is one of Bronco Wines (makers of Two Buck Chuck) 122 wine labels and no this is not a Trader Joe’s wine. In Sparkling wine, Brut indicates this is a dry wine (not sweet), the term Extra Dry and Dry actually indicate a sweeter wine. The alcohol content is 11.5%.

The color is pale apple juice yellow and there are tons of bubbles. The nose is a mix of apples and baking bread with a touch of lemon chiffon. This is a light, slightly creamy Bubbly, it starts out with Macintosh apple, fresh lemon and a little fresh lime, followed by subtle crusty bread. The acidity is very balanced, many inexpensive Sparkling Wines can be a touch too sharp on the tongue, that is not a problem here. Not a layered and complex Bubbly (I got it for under $9), but what is in the glass is very pleasing, all the bits and pieces that are supposed to be in a Champagne-style wine are solidly there. The finish is reasonably strong and lasts a fairly long time.

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The Hacienda Brut Sparkling Wine is a Bubbly that can actually be an everyday wine. It is a little too light bodied to pair with a wide variety of dishes, but will do very well with Brunch or after dinner or even better while watching TV or just hanging out. There is almost nothing more decadent than drinking Bubbly just because you feel like it.

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