Four Sisters Merlot 2009

The Four Sisters Merlot is sourced from the 4 vineyards in the Central Victoria grape growing region in Southeast Australia. Four Sisters Wines was started  in the 904sistersmerlot’s when winemaker, Trevor Mast, decided to produce wines that would appeal to his four daughters (the eldest daughter designed the label), soft, supple, fruit forward wines made for enjoying with friends rather than populating the wine lists at high end restaurants.  Since he was producing this wines in honor of this daughters, these are well made, stylish but affordable (between $10 and $15) wines. The wine is aged for a short time in French oak, just enough to add a little oak spice, but keep the bright, juicy fruit flavors. The alcohol content is 14.5%.

The color is cherry red with black cherry highlights. The nose is plums, spice, chocolate, sauteed mushroom and spearmint gum. It tastes of blackberry, cocoa powder, tart cranberry, a light touch of savory herbs. The mid palate adds bright fresh raspberry and a brush of oak spice. The tannins are a revelation, many modern wines deal with tannins by hiding them in the mix. With wines such as Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, then tannins are an integral part of the structure and the flavor profile and the Four Sisters Merlot does a great job showcasing the tannins. The acidity is subdued and the finish is blackberry and cocoa powder and lingers for a quite a while.

The Four Sisters Merlot gets New World, “Drink it now” style wines right. It is soft and approachable, but it is by no means simple and easy going.  There is an interesting and tasty mix of flavors and textures held together a very solid structure. This is a “Drink it now wine” for people who know and appreciate aged wines and for folks who have a more casual relationship with wine who can say, “I don’t know much about Merlot, but this is good Merlot.” 

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