Fisheye Moscato

20243The Fisheye Moscato is a non-vintage wine sourced from Muscat grapes grown in Southeast Australia. Fisheye is one of Underdog Wine Merchant’s labels (others are flipflop, Cupcake, Big House and many more) and they are in turn part of The Wine Group, which used to be Franzia. Sweet wines are all the rage this year, with Moscato leading the way. Australia is known for growing good quality Muscat grapes and with the current conditions in Australia’s wine market, the price for good grapes should be reasonable. This is a young Moscato, pick it, ferment it, bottle it and drink it within the next year or so. The alcohol content is 10% on the label and 13% on Fisheye’s website.

The color is extra virgin olive oil yellow. The nose is candied pear, honey drenched grapefruit, and sour jelly candies, it is a very sweet nose. There is a thick, viscous mouthfeel, there is some weight behind this Moscato. It starts with sweet, sweet pear, dried pineapple slices, tart apricot and pink grapefruit sprinkled with sugar. There is no mid palate, the wine does not have a transition, what you get upfront is all that there is. What acidity is there is overpowered by all the sweet flavors, with that said the sweetness is more nectar sweet than sugary candy sweet. The sweet and tart finish starts strong, but fades quickly.

If you are looking for a sweet White wine, the Fisheye Moscato will fulfill your needs for around $5. If you are looking for a wine to pair with Graduation cake, Anniversary cake or Wedding cake, the Fisheye would be a good economical choice. This is a very sweet wine, that was produced to be a very sweet wine and as such the Fisheye can be a very useful wine.

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