Epica Sauvignon Blanc 2011

The Epica Sauvignon Blanc 2011 is an immensely refreshing Sauv Blanc from Chile’s Valle Central (Central Valley) from Viña San Pedro, one of Chile’s most prolific suppliers. These guys won the award in 2011 for Wine Enthusiast’s Best New World Winery. Rightfully so – they make some freakishly good wines over there that you’ve probably had, ranging from GatoNegro to their signature Cabo de Hornos (Spanish for the horny cowboy). Just kiddin – it’s named for Cape Horn.

A golden haystacky, sunshiny color in my glass, a sniff gives up some citrus, pear and lush pineapple. A sip is like taking a bite out of one of those big yellow, juicy passion fruits with a bite of a Fig Newton. The finish fades you easily into green apple with a slight mineral steely edge. Ladies, drink it with a salad or rice krispie treat (no, really). Dudes, you’ll love the way this pairs with blue cheese, pasta primavera, or potato chips.


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