Drank some wine, saved some puppies

What did you do this weekend? I attended the 9th Annual Naperville Wine Festival and while I drank some wine, listened to some music, ate some food and met and talked to a bunch of fellow winos, I was doing so for charity – the Naperville Area Humane Society.

For the first time in its 9-year history it was held at CityGate Centre. Now, a lot of winos I talked to didn’t know where or what that was, but I had been there a couple of times for my OTHER favorite W word – women (I had attended the Two K Productions fashion show there the last two years). Great idea I thought – the fest gets a great outdoor venue and the property gets some much-needed exposure for its gorgeous Hotel Arista and the upscale Sugartoad Restaurant.

Well, I had a blast! Once I paid my $35 for 10 tastes and a souvenir glass to take home, I entered to see there were like 50 white tents setup all along the perimeter of grassy field as big as a football field. There was a stage featuring live music to one end where I caught a little of the Lloyd Dobler Effect between sips (any Cusack fans catch the reference?). This was my first time so I hadn’t attended the fest when it was at its old venue, the “Naper Settlement”, but most veteran winos I talked to agreed the fest was way roomier and much better organized for your drinking pleasure.

Each white tent had 6 or so wines to taste – do the math – there were over 300 wines from all around the world to taste, including wines from local favorites Lynfred & Cooper’s Hawk. Each new tent introduced you to another eager wine expert whose only agenda was to educate you while making sure that you were having fun. No wine snobs here!

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If you missed it you can always attend its sister fest – the Windy City Wine Festival. It’s coming September 9th & 10th and here you’ll be sipping wine around Buckingham Fountain with the Chicago skyline as your backdrop. Be cool and get your tickets ahead of time to save $8! See you there!

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