Darkhorse Big Red Blend 01A

darkhorsebigredbland01aThe Darkhorse Big Red Blend 01A is something that I have not come across before, a bottle of wine usually says something like California or Chile on the label, or maybe something more specific like Sonoma or Maule Valley as a source for the grapes. The Darkhorse Big Red Blend 01A is made from grapes grown in California, Argentina and Australia. This is a world wine. Darkhorse is one of E & J Gallo brands, sold exclusively at Trader Joe’s ($7.99). Gallo’s Australian wine label is McWilliam’s and Clarendon Hills and their Argentinean wine brands are Alamos, Bodega Elena de Mendoza and Don Miguel Gascon, they have a whole slew of California labels. They don’t say which grapes came from which country, but the Malbec probably came from Argentina and the Syrah came from Australia, but they do list the grape as Syrah not Shiraz, so who knows. This blend sees some sort of oak conditioning and the alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is an opaque black cherry red with a strawberry halo. The nose is slightly sweet, with rich dark berries, strawberry, carmel, spearmint gum and vanilla. This is a rich, ripe Red blend, but surprisingly balanced. This blend starts with black and blueberry, licorice, a little creme brulee and butterscotch. The mid palate shows some slightly sour cherry and chocolate powder. This is one of those wines where the tannins and the acidity are buried in the mix. The finish is full and lengthy.

The Darkhorse Big Red Blend 01A is tasty, balanced and big, but not too big Red Blend. You can pair the Darkhorse with the usual burgers and pizza, but this is really a sipping wine, it drinks well. Does it taste like a wine that comes from 3 different wine growing Nations? Or does it taste like something out of California? I think it tastes like an E & J Gallo California Red and  this is a pretty decent $7.99 everyday Red.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    I bought a Bottle of wine Dark Horse Big red Blend 01A, but I don’t see the year in any place in the bottle. Do you know why?

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