Copa di Vino Riesling & Cabernet Sauvignon

20359Copa di Vino translates to wine by the glass and that is exactly what it is, no wine bottle but a shatterproof plastic (looks like glass) recyclable container that holds 6 1/3 oz. of wine. The container looks more like something they would serve orange juice in at a good breakfast restaurant, but it is very functional and the top comes off easily. The wine inside is sourced from Columbia Valley in Washington State and they have most of the usual varietals. The alcohol content for the Riesling is 12.2% and 13.3% for the Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Riesling color is pale daisy yellow. The nose is muted light grapefruit and lime followed by apple. The wine has more body than I was expecting, there is a syrupy mouth-feel. It starts with sliced apples, some peach, soft pineapple juice and grapefruit. It does not have a transition or a mid palate, but the flavor that is there is pleasing. The acidity is light, this could serve as a food wine in the pinch, but it is better used as a sipper. The grapefruit carries on to the finish and while not a lengthy finish is very respectable.

The Cabernet Sauvignon color is dark, intense almost blue/black red. The nose is subtle, some dark berries, a little cocoa powder and that’s about it. A medium bodied Cabernet, it begins with blackberry, Black Twizzlers and red plum. The mid palate adds a little pepper and some sour cherry. Not a ton of depth or complexity and it leans a bit too much to the sour side. It is light on both the tannins and the acidity. The finish is sour cherry and it does hang around for a while.

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You know those new upscale movie theaters with the reclining chairs and the wine bar? Well, your local theater might not have reclining chairs or a wine bar, but now you can bring your own DIY wine bar with you. These Copa di Vino glasses fit easily into a purse, messenger bag or backpack. There are times that call for wine, but a bottle, a corkscrew and wine glasses are not feasible. The wine in these glasses wouldn’t take the place of your go-to every day wine, but they are more than serviceable. If something goes wrong with the occasion it won’t be the wines fault.


the wine in this review was a sample


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