8407The Chaza Moscato is a $4.99 Aldi’s exclusive sourced from grapes grown in South Africa. Moscato is made from the Muscat grape or Muscadel in South Africa. This wine was produced by Iona Wines from the Stellenbosch region east of Cape Town near the coast. The grapes were grown and the wine was produced with certified sustainable winemaking practices. This is a very sweet white wine, with a low alcohol content, 8.5%.

The color is an extremely pale golden yellow. This is a wine where the aroma jumps out of the glass, orange blossom honey, marmalade, peach, pear, sugar covered jelly orange slices. This is a sweet wine, but not overly sugary or cloyingly artificially sweet. It tastes of canned peaches and pears in heavy syrup, a hint of lemon and fresh apricots. There isn’t really a transition at the mid palate, but a light touch of creamy, not tart pineapple does get added just before the finish. The finish is candied peach and pear and while not strong, does linger. This is a wine that absolutely needs to be served well chilled, to knock the edge off of all the sweet flavors.

The Chaza Moscato is a pretty decent sweet summer white wine. The sweet flavors could be a bit more in balance, but at $4.99 this is a very drinkable wine. The Chaza Moscato has enough body and flavor to stand up to spicy foods and would also do well with vinaigrette salads and cold pasta dishes. This is a wine that beginning or reluctant wine drinkers can understand and with the low alcohol content is a bottle that can be served with quests who are driving home.

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