Brisa Do Mar 2011 Vinho Verde Rose

300772Rosés have come a long way. Before all you’d see was White Zinfandel or White Merlot, but now it seems the American palate has become a bit more refined. Suddenly rosés out of Provence and Tavel have made a come back and brought a lot of other unique wines along with them.

The one I tried from Brisa Do Mar out of Portugal’s Vinho Verde region is one of them.  I picked it up for $8.99 at Evolution Wines & Spirits and, while I’d never bring it to a party full of wine snobs, I think it’d be a hit at a family picnic or wine night with the girls.

Salmon pink in color to a clear rim, this wine is slightly sparkling with aromas of ripe strawberries, ripe white peaches, and wet rocks. As you might have expected, it is very fruit forward on the palate and reminded me of strawberry soda. However, there is good acidity and a bit of minerality to this wine that gives it some semblance of balance.

This isn’t a wine that lingers on your palate or in the bottle for long once opened. While you could have this with a light summer salad or comparble dish, I’d recommend pairing it with that woman you just asked out to a picnic. Chances are, it’ll be a hit.

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