60434BOXWINE Malbec is a non-vintage Malbec sourced from several vineyards in the Mendoza grape growing region of Argentina. Ok, the name is not all that exciting, but who would have thought that the name BOXWINE was still available? Box wines are beginning to overcome their stigma, it was always the kind of wine you didn’t want anyone to see you drink. Maybe at first the wine inside most boxes was aimed at folks who didn’t like tannins or acidity, but today the box is just another format to hold wine. There is no Screaming Eagle Oakville Box Wine, but many of the boxes hold interesting, enjoyable wine. The BOXWINE Malbec (holds the equivalent of 4 bottles) is a fairly small production wine and the one thing about Argentinean Malbec is that they routinely deliver a lot of bang for the buck. The alcohol content is 13%.

An interesting Box Wine from Mendoza in Argentina. A plum nose gives way to a berry plum flavor with herbal notes. The finish is light but flavorful with the herbal notes hanging on. Solid enough to stand up to red meat. One of the best box wines I have tasted.

There you have it, a tuesday night wine that you can drink every tuesday night in the month (the box keeps the wine fresh for 3 to 4 weeks). Don’t fear the box, it is just a container, only remember the wine in the inside bladder is kept from air to keep it fresh and for a wine to taste its best it needs contact with air, so don’t forget to swirl a little longer than usual. Not every Box wine on the market is good stuff, but then not every bottle on the shelf is worth drinking. Its all about knowing what to choose and here is one on the good list.

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