Bonny Doon Albarino 2012

2012bonnydoonalbarinoThe 2012 Bonny Doon Albarino is sourced from two vineyards, 73% from the Kristy Vineyard in the Salinas Valley and 27% from the Jespersen Vineyard in the Edna Valley, both located inside the Central Coast AVA of California. Albarino is a grape that is usually found in northwest Spain and Portugal and is becoming increasingly popular in California. Both vineyards experienced cool temperatures in 2012, giving the grapes plenty of time to mature and ripen. This Albarino was fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks and the alcohol content is 13.2%.

The color is a pale golden yellow. The nose is beautiful, lemon, peach and melon, the fragrance is fresh and alive. This is a long, lean, tart wine with a smooth, velvety mouthfeel. It tastes of a mellow mix of lemon, lime, melon, pineapple and peach, along with a fine brush of minerality. The acidity gives the wine excellent length, but stays in balance and does not interfere with the flavors. The finish is clean and lengthy.

The 2012 Boony Doon Albarino is a lovely wine, there is a beautiful bouquet, the flavors are natural and lively, the acidity gives this Albarino length and a refreshing crispness. As for pairing with food, always look to the home region for the grape and northwest Spain is known for  fish and seafood and Albarino is the hometown wine. So when serving fish and seafood dishes, Albarino is a natural. The acidity and the clean, tart nature of this wine also allows it to pair well with spicy Asian cuisine.


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