Blason de Bourgogne Cremant de Bourgogne Brut Reserve

cremantreserve-lBlason du Bourgogne Cremant De Bourgogne Brut Reserve is composed of 60% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay, 10% Gamay and 10% Aligote sourced from the Cremant de Bourgogne AOC in Burgundy, France. This Sparkling wine is made in the traditional method, which is normally referred to as Methode Champenoise, a process where the second fermentation (this is where the bubbles are added) takes place in the bottle. The wine is aged, in the bottle, for one year. This seems to be a wine imported exclusively for Trader Joe’s and in sells in the Midwest for $9.99. The alcohol content is 12%.

There are tons of tight fizzing bubbles and the color is almost clear with just a hint of daisy yellow. The nose is sweet fruit, some pineapple, some pear, a little lemon/lime and a faint hint of biscuits baking in the oven. This is a very tasty Sparkling wine, the fruit and the tart tastes are nicely balanced with a late slap of Sweetarts candy on the finish. Buttery apple and lemon chiffon start things off, then pear and stone ground salty crackers, along with grapefruit kick in. The mid-palate is a blast of both sugary and extremely tart cherry and lime, which linger to a fairly long finish. A balanced, but light bodied wine, there is very good, lip smacking acidity.

The Blason Cremant de Bourgogne Brut Reserve is one heck of a ten buck bottle of Bubbly. It tastes great, it is one of those bottles that you keep pouring a little more into your glass. If you buy a bottle for an occasion where you think one bottle will do, trust me buy two or maybe three, the first bottle will be empty in 15 minutes. Trader Joe’s used to be where you got 2 Buck Chuck, well forget that, TJ’s is now the place to go to cure your need for cheap French Bubbly.

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