barefootbubblytropicalfusionThe Barefoot Bubbly Tropical Fusion is a Sparkling wine sourced from grapes from more than one California grape growing AVA and infused with pineapple, mango and papaya flavors. This is a non-vintage wine and Barefoot does not mention which grapes where used in the production of this Sparkling wine. The Bubbles were added to this wine with the Charmat Method, which is the same process used with Prosecco and Spumante. With Champagne style wines, the bubbles are added when 2nd fermentation occurs within each and every bottle, this method creates an intense Sparkling wine. In the Charmat Method, the 2nd fermentation (where the Bubbles are born) takes place in large pressurized vats, these wines tend to be more relaxed and are often less nuanced. The alcohol content is a mild 10.5%

The color is almost clear with a hint of yellow and large, energetic bubbles. The nose (remember, don’t swirl Bubbly, you can release the bubbles) is smells like Bazooka Joe bubble gum, banana, Del Monte canned peaches and marshmallows, I like this aroma. This is a sweet Bubbly, but not cloyingly sweet. It tastes of soft smooth tropical flavors, the acidity seems to be reduced. It starts with the mango and papaya, the pineapple is a secondary flavor, along with grapefruit (slightly tart) and banana taffy. The finish starts strong, fades quickly, but does linger.

The Barefoot Bubbly Tropical Fusion is tons of fun, this Bubbly has natural flavors and a deft hand with the sweetness. A few years ago, a fruit flavor infused Sparkling wine would be suitable for peach Schnapps drinkers only, but today, the Tropical Fusion is a complete hoot of a party wine. People who are not wine drinkers, will be asking for a second glass of the Tropical Fusion and more seasoned wine drinkers will appreciate that the Barefoot Bubbly is much better than expected. This is not a Bubbly that would pair well with too many dishes, maybe something like birthday cake would work. This Bubbly’s natural habitat is a party or celebration.

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