2011 Tussock Jumper Chenin Blanc

24320The Tussock Jumper Chenin Blanc is sustainably farmed in vineyards in the Western Cape growing region in South Africa. They have been producing wine in the Western Cape since 1659. This is Tussock Jumper’s South Africa entry to their line of 13 wines from around the world. Chenin Blanc is a grape originally grown in the Loire Valley in France, but is quickly becoming the white wine of South Africa. Chenin Blanc is a very versatile wine and depending on where it is grown and how it is made, can be clean, light and bright to hefty and flavorful. The alcohol content is a hefty 14%.

The color is shiny, clear butter yellow. The nose is pink grapefruit, pineapple, apricot and magnolia. This is a very crisp wine, it tastes of tangerine, lemon, melon and Sprite that has lost its fizz. The mid palate brings a slight touch of minerality (just a light dusting) and a squeeze of a fresh lime. I was expecting a lot of acidity and while there is a proper dose of acidity, it never goes overboard. This Chenin has one of those finishes that never goes away, it is not strong, it just does not let up.

The Tussock Jumper is a solid Chenin Blanc, it falls somewhere between the light,  Chenin Blanc and heavy duty Chenin. It has enough body to stand up to spicy Asian food and enough flavor to perk up brunch. This might be a goofy analogy, but to me this Chenin Blanc is a cross between Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc and Northern California Chardonnay, bright and fruity but with a nice amount of weight behind it.

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