2010 Tussock Jumper Sauvignon Blanc

p20111128-162054Tussock Jumper is a new line of 13 world wines, the usual, a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and a Malbec from Argentina, along with the eclectic, a Touriga Nacional from Portugal, a Carmenere from Chile and a Chenin Blanc from South Africa. These are wines produced by well known wineries in each country and are a solid examples of the taste of that grape as produced in that area. The label has a drawing of animal representing each country (a lamb for New Zealand and a Llama for Chile) dressed for some reason in a red sweater (or jumper). So, what we have here is 13 wines representing a nice sample of the grapes of the world, each bottle easily identifiable and the best part each wine has a suggested retail price of $9.99. The Tussock Jumper Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from Marlborough in New Zealand’s South Island. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is clear, shiny, pale lemon yellow. The nose is an interesting mix, tropical fruit, herbs and a floral bouquet. This wine has a syrupy mouthfeel, with strong, but somewhat mellow flavors.  Juicy pear, pineapple juice and tangerine start things off, the mid palate brings kiwi fruit and a nice dusty minerality. There is a solid and well integrated dose of acidity that would allow this Sauvignon Blanc to work well as a food wine and helps the finish, while light in flavor, last for a very decent amount of time.

The Tussock Jumper Sauvignon Blanc is a seductively tasty wine, at first I couldn’t makeup my mind about this Sauv Blanc, but I kept on pouring more into my glass, so that definitely settles things.  The Tussock Jumper Sauvignon Blanc would work very well with Asian cuisine and when well chilled would make a solid bottle to share with friends.

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This bottle was received as a sample
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