2010 Tussock Jumper Aragonez/Touriga Nacional

50354The Tussock Jumper Aragonez/Touriga Nacional is a red blend sourced from the Alentejo region in southern Portugal. Aragonez (75%) is the Portuguese name for Tempranillo and Touriga National (25%) is The red grape of Portugal and is one of the main grapes used to make Port. The Alentejo region has been a leading Portuguese wine region in making more fruit forward modern wines and this is the area where cork comes from. The label mentions a vanilla finish, so the wine was aged for some time in oak barrels. The alcohol content is 13%.

The color is a shiny, see-thru cherry red. The nose is deep dark blackberry, a whiff of menthol, green grass and vanilla oak. Very smooth upfront, with the tannins and oak showing up just before the finish. It tastes of blackberry, absinthe and a savory herbal flavor. The mid palate shows sweet strawberry, oak spice and a slap from the tannins.The tannins are definitely there, but don’t get in the way. The oak adds a dry, lip smacking sensation. The finish is fairly vibrant, if not all that long.

The Tussock Jumper Aragonez/Touriga Nacional is a nice change of pace, if you like Spanish wine, you will enjoy Portuguese wine. The grape names may be foreign, but the flavors are juicy and familiar. At ten bucks a bottle, this is an easy way to see what the wines of Portugal are all about.


this bottle was received as a sample
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