2010 Révélation Chardonnay

6825The 2010 Révélation Chardonnay is a $4.99 Trader Joe’s exclusive sourced from grapes grown in the Languedoc region in the south of France. This wine comes from the Negociant side of Badet, Clement & Cie,  who also grow and produce their own wines in Burgundy and the Languedoc. The bottle is labeled “dans nos chais” which translates to bottled in our cellar, meaning they might have aged and bottled the wine but they did not grow or produce the wine. Negociants (they buy excess wine and grapes and sell them under their own label, but are not allowed to tell exactly where the wine and grapes came from, just like many of Trader Joe’s wines) have a long history in France, those who consistently offer high quality wine at a fair price are widely followed by French wine buyers. The  Révélation Chardonnay is designated a “Vin de Pays D’Oc” wine indicating it was grown in the Languedoc but didn’t meet all the requirements to be a AOC wine. Trader Joe’s says the wine was aged in oak barrels for a time and the alcohol content is 13%.

The color is pale extra virgin olive oil yellow. The nose is lemon, pineapple and orange blossom honey. It starts of with a little tart lime, ripe peach and a light, but persistant hit of butter. This is an oaked Chardonnay, but the oak is not heavy handed. The mid palate adds lemon chiffon and a pink grapefruit half with sugar on top. The acidity is light, this is a Chardonnay that would pair well with lighter foods, nothing too spicy or too bold. The finish is soft and subtle, but does manage to linger for quite some time.

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The Révélation Chardonnay is a no excuses, less than five buck French Chardonnay. Burgundy Chardonnay drinkers will say the Révélation lacks depth and length and while it might be a little lacking in those departments, it also lacks about $45 of Burgundy Chardonnay’s price tag. This is a quality wine that just happens to sell for $4.99, you will like it or not like it solely based on its merits. This is not a wine that tastes like shortcuts were made to achieve a price point.

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