2010 Principi di Butera Nero D’Avola

Nero-d-AvolaThe 2010 Principi di Butera Nero D’Avola (translates to black grape from Avola) is sourced from Estate vineyards located in the district of Butera, inside the Province of Caltanissetta, right in the middle of Sicily. Nero D’Avola is indigenous to Sicily and is THE red wine grape of Sicily. The vineyards are located inside the DOC classified area, but this Nero D’Avola for some reason does not conform to the DOC rules and regulations and is declassified as an IGT wine. The IGT classification is similar  to the Vin de Pays wines of France, often wines are declassified because they are produced to appeal to American wine drinkers preferences. This wine was aged for 12 months in both large and small oak casks, then aged for a few more months in the bottle. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is dark, but see thru blood plasma red. The nose is plums, herbal tea, licorice and a little bacon fat. It starts off with strawberry dipped in chocolate, cola, plums and raspberries with a late touch of orange zest. The mid palate adds cinnamon spice, Nestle Quik powder and vanilla pudding. This a well balanced wine, the tannins are soft and the acidity gives the wine nice length. The finish is soft but it does linger.

Back in the days when Australian Shiraz was all the rage, you used to see Nero D’Avola at wine shop tastings on a fairly regular basis, but when Shiraz nosedived, Nero D’Avola was an innocent bystander that got caught in Shiraz’s fall. Yes, it is a not very well known indigenous grape and yes, Sicily has not done a particularly good job of promoting itself, but the things that are good about Nero D’Avola are very mainstream and easy to enjoy. If you like Malbec, Zinfandel or Syrah/Shiraz there is a very good chance you will also understand Nero D’Avola. Rich, juicy (and with Principi di Butera’s bottle, a little elegant) along with a nice contrasting touch of spice, Nero D’Avola would kick a rack of ribs into high gear.

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this bottle was received as a sample

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