2010 La Croix de Bila-Haut

6272The 2010 La Croix de Bila-Haut is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Carignane sourced from vineyards in the Roussillon area of the Languedoc-Roussillon growing region. This is an IGT designated wine (the new term for Vin de Pays wines) which indicates that the wine does not conform to the rules of the Languedoc-Roussillon. The blend was aged in stainless steel tanks, they usually use concrete vats or oak barrels in this region. The alcohol content is 13% and there is a screw-top, not a cork.

The color is a clear, glistening ruby red. It has a pretty nose, all jammy red fruit and roses. It tastes of strawberry, followed by raspberry jam, a slap Christmas spice and cola. The mid-palate brings some dusty minerality, cassis and a little pepper. This is a bright and lively wine, there is a lot going on for a ten buck wine. The finish is strong and long.

The La Croix de Bila-Haut is a versatile wine, medium to light bodied, with firm, but balanced tannins and solid acidity, it would pair well with all but the heaviest of recipes. From adding a little zip to burgers and pizza, to going toe to toe with Spanish and Italian cuisine. If you want to skip the food and just drink wine, the La Croix de Bila-Haut drinks well above its price.



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