Grifone Primitivo 2010

grifoneprimitivoThe 2010 Grifone Primitivo is a $3.99 Trader Joe’s exclusive. Sourced from vineyards in the Manduria district (they have been specializing in Primitivo in this area for centuries), which is located inside Puglia in the boot-heel of Italy. This is designated an IGT wine, which indicates the wine is of high quality, but does not conform of the rules of the DOC and DOCG. Primitivo is genetically the same as Zinfandel (as is the Crljenak Kaštelanski grape from Croatia) and is one of the oldest known grapes, being traced back to the ancient Greeks. The alcohol content is 13%.

The color is a ruby red with a salmon halo. The nose is strawberry, a light floral scent and the blueberry pancake syrup from Denny’s. It starts off with a blast of raspberry jam, then a softer strawberry, then a faint taste of chocolate. The mid-palate adds some creaminess, a bite from the tannins and some Zinfandel spice. The finish is fairly full and lasts a very long time for a $4 wine.

They say that Primitivo tastes decidedly different from Zinfandel, since it is grown in very different soil and is subject to vastly different weather conditions, but the Grifone reminded me of Zinfandel, in a very good way. Grifone Primitivo is generally a smooth, fruit forward wine, but with a pleasing rough and ready edge, courtesy of the tannins and the spice. The Grifone Primitivo is a very complete wine for $3.99.

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8 comments on “Grifone Primitivo 2010

  1. jim says:

    This is a very fine wine considering price and taste. I highly recommend it. I taste a strong presence of black cherry, a very delightful wine IMO.

  2. Richard Pontone says:

    Went to my Trader Joes wine store in NYC, on 14th Street and was told that this was an one time thing, and that there is no more to be had.

  3. kristi says:

    I just bought 2 cases. They ordered it for me. If I can get it in Indianapolis… i would think you could get it in New York. Wish i was there. Kristi

  4. Glen says:

    I have been buying it up as quickly as I can in the Chicago area. For the price it has become my go to house red for any occaision. Buy it if you can find it!!!

  5. Jim says:

    Today is 5.31.2012, my Trader Joe’s in Rochester MN has this wine back in stock!!! I’ve been pestering the buyer to get it back and he replied “it just showed up”. I’ll probably have to buy his remaining cases since its so fine a wine. Check your T. Joe’s to see if it’s back!

  6. Peter J says:

    This is one of the best wines at any price I’ve had from TJ’s and by far the best anywhere near the $4 price.
    Usually I compare wines at TJ’s to the price of two-buck but this is spectacularly more robust and as review above say’s a strong finish. I only hope you send more to Glenview, Ill. store!

  7. Stanley says:

    I am a 2buck chuck kinda guy at TJ and I thought I would broaden my horizons a bit , I like this

  8. lakeland fl fine wine says:

    Great post.

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