2010 FLO Red Blend

Camera Effects-1334108439161The 2010 FLO Red wine is an unspecified Red wine blend made in partnership with FLO (For the Love Of) Wine and Delicato Family Vineyards. Delicato Family Vineyards has been a family owned winery for over 80 years and some of their brands you may be familiar with are Gnarly Head, Bota Box and Brazin. FLO Wines is a project put together by musician, Marcus Johnson, not as a side project, but as a further extension of his music. There are FLO Wines, FLO cd’s and Flofest (along with any other projects he will conjure up), all projects he is passionate about, all interrelated, all designed to create a mood, a vibe. Helping the world chill-out with great music and fine glass of wine is a noble project, if you ask me. This Red blend was aged in American and French oak barrels and the alcohol content is 13.5%.

The wine is a see-thru black cherry red with strawberry red highlights. The nose is blackberry, with a little strawberry fruit roll-ups, fresh plums, chocolate and a whiff of new mown hay. It starts off soft and smooth, but not jammy, blueberry mixed with black cherry hit first, then a little dusty cocoa powder. The mid palate brings a touch of creamy vanilla, orange peel, pomegranate and a late, light splash of curry spice. The flavors are subdued and balanced, nothing jumps out, everything has its place, its balance. The tannins are sweet and soft, there is a good dose of acidity that puts a shine on the flavors and helps the soft finish hang around for a while.

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The 2010 FLO Red Blend is a $10 wine that is very worthy of your consideration. Balance and length are not words you usually throw around for a ten buck Red blend, but the Flo Red has those qualities, not the French version of balance and length, more of an All American Californian version of balance and length. Pull up a comfortable lounger, toss a log into the fire-pit, throw the FLO Chill cd on the player and let the wine and tunes take you away.



this wine was submitted as a sample
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5 comments on “2010 FLO Red Blend

  1. bob sisson says:

    Hum… Montgomery County liquors in MD has it for $21 so it must be in short supply or something else is going on. Whenever I see something interesting on your listing I check to see if it is available in my area, only about 10% of your listings show up here… The “BODEGA ELENA DE MENDOZA RED BL” has become our everyday house wine…impresses even our wine people friends who can afford much pricier choices..

  2. Dave says:

    I think theses wines should sell for around $10, they are supposed to be available at the largest supermarket chain (Jewel’s) in Chicago. FLO wines are new to the market, I received them as samples, so I don’t know the exact store price, just the target price. We Chicago area wine drinkers are spoiled, we get a huge selection of wines at very competitive prices.

  3. The Flo that you saw was a bottle that was the first vintage from northern VA released in 2010. They should not be confused ;-} the new price point is $9.99 and right now the vintage is not available in mo county.. soon!! Peace and love MJ

  4. Nate says:

    Can’t wait to try a few bottles!

  5. Flo Collins says:

    Marcus, I received a gift of FLO red blend 2010 and loved it! Went to Total Wines in Ft. Myers where it was purchased and they no longer have it and they do not have a supplier. How can I get more of this wine? I love it!! P.S. My name is Flo!!

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