79700The 2010 FLO Chardonnay is sourced from vineyards in more than one California grape growing AVA’s. The vintage notes for this bottle are very specific about the weather conditions the grapevines were subjected to, so it seems that most of the grapes came from one location. The tasting notes mention “toasty oak” as an aroma and 25% of the wine underwent malolactic fermentation. Malolactic fermentation is a process where the naturally occurring tart malic acid is changed to smooth, rounder tasting lactic acid, so the profile of this Chardonnay should be tart and crisp with a smooth edge. The alcohol content is 13%.

FLO is not the new celebrity wine from the lady from the Progressive Insurance commercials, FLO (For the Love Of) is a new project by jazz musician Marcus Johnson. Music and wine, and especially jazz and wine have always set the mood for each other. Other musicians have had a direct hand in producing wine before, Maynard from Tool makes some sought after wines in Arizona and Dave Matthews Dreaming Tree wines are excellent bang for the buck wines, but these projects are separate from their music careers. What Marcus Johnson is doing withFLO,is integrating the wine and the music, FLO wines, FLO cd’s, FLO Fest and whatever else they can dream up. It is a concept I can get behind, making the things you love, your work, your livelihood. Your chances of success go way up when you are doing what you love.

The color is clear, pure, very pale butter yellow. The nose is fresh sliced apples and grapefruit, followed by lemons and limes and light floral edge. There is a pleasing mix of sour, tart apple and lime upfront, then dried apricot with lemon chiffon. The mid palate softens things up with pear and a touch of creamy French vanilla. The acidity is well balanced, you can sense it in your mouth, but it walks the tightrope and does not intrude. The finish is subdued, but does linger for a respectable length of time.

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The FLO Chardonnay is an excellent summer wine, crisp and refreshing, but with some depth and a touch of complexity. The tart flavors and the smoother flavors complement each other and are very appealing. This is wine that should have a screw-top, when you have your blanket spread out on the lawn at that outdoor concert, you don’t want to be fumbling around for a corkscrew. Pop the top and let the wine and the music flow.

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