2010 Don Miguel Gascon Malbec

109454dThe 2010 Don Miguel Gascon Malbec is sourced from grapes grown in the Uco Valley and the Lujan de Cuyo regions of Mendoza, Argentina. The winery has been producing wine sine the 1880s and first made single varietal Malbec in 1940. The wine is distributed in the US by E & J Gallo so the Gascon Malbec should be widely available at a fair price. The 2009 vintage had 5% Syrah added to soften the Malbec, the 2010 details have not yet been released. The wine has some aging in oak barrels and the alcohol content is 14%.

In Cahors, France, Malbec is known as the Black Wine, in Argentina it is more of a dark red with deep purple highlights wine. It has intense red Twizzlers on the nose, sweet cherry and strawberry. A good plush wine, blueberry, cassis, a little milk chocolate upfront. The mid-palate brings in plums, tea and a touch of spice. The tannins are smooth and sweet and there is enough acidity to make you smack your lips. The finish is dark berry and fairly lengthy.

The Don Miguel Gascon Malbec is a solid, tasty and inexpensive (should be selling for around ten bucks) wine. Argentina has really hit its stride in making first rate, delicious wines, they rock Malbec and are making terrific wines with other grape varietals. So, remember the Argentina section of the local wine shop is where the bargains are.

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  1. Jackeline Gascon says:

    Soy Jacky Gascon y quiero saber si ustedes tienen familia en Panama. Mi papa se llamaba Manuel Gascon y mi abuelo Miguel. Quiero saber si somos parientes. Vivo en Houston, Texas desde 1991. Me acabo de graduar de Dr. en Liderazgo y Educacion Abanzada en la University of Houston.
    Espero sus respuestas.
    Jacky Gascon-Brewton

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