2009 Underwood Cellars Oregon Pinot Noir

Underwood-Cellars-101105678_MEDThe 2009 Underwood Cellars Oregon Pinot Noir is 100% Pinot Noir sourced from 3 wine AVA’s (82% Umpqua Valley, 10% Willamette Valley and 8% Rogue Valley) in Oregon. The Umpqua Valley is a cool weather growing area, the Rogue Valley is the highest elevation and is the warmest growing area and the Willamette Valley has warm days and cool nights. Pinot Noir grapes prefer cool weather to grow and ripen fully. The wine is aged French oak barrels for 4 months, 10% new oak barrels and 90% used oak barrels. The alcohol content is 13.31%.

The color is a crystal clear and see-thru scarlet. The nose is raspberry, cherry, mushroom, a woody note and a touch of vanilla. Light to medium bodied, but full of flavor. Red fruit, strawberry and cherry upfront with a streak of bitter chocolate underneath the fruit. The front end is all lush fresh fruit, but the mid-palate rough things up, there is a slight astringent taste, along with pepper and herbs and then the softer taste of plums.  The tannins are light, the acidity is balanced and the finish lingers on and on.

The Underwood Cellars is a very tasty Pinot Noir with a quality touch of complexity and depth, that should be available in the $12 range. If you have been interested in learning about Oregon Pinot Noir but the price tag has put you off, the Underwood Cellars is a great place to start.


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