2009 Proprieta Sperino “Rosa del Rosa”

proprieta_sperino_rosaA last taste of summer…

As the seasons change, and summer’s fleeting promise falls away in the rearview mirror, here is a chance to allow our gaze to linger a bit on Summer’s retreating form. It’s color evokes the soft, red glow of sunsets viewed from over the top of the grill. Light, soothing and enormously inviting, one feels refreshed just looking at the glass in hand. Supermodel legs show off the substance that this light bodied wine has to offer. On the nose, she exhibits a raciness that frames the lushness of fruit that late summer provides, but also surprising meatiness that belies one’s typical expectations of Rose’ as a weak and pallid cousin to more “manly” reds. The floral component is equally full, bring this rather bold girl an elegance that is simply tantalizing.

Upon striking the palate, the wine show itself to indeed be a breed apart. This is certainly not a weakling! Forget any notions of white Zinfandel, this is almost entirely Nebbiolo! Her profile is complex and bold, with a nice bright tone and plenty of verve. Imminently quaffable, this wine has an ability to instantly refresh while at once making available a wildly varied topography for one to sip, sniff and contemplate.

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