2009 Entwine Cabernet Sauvignon

73349The 2009 Entwine Cabernet Sauvignon is a joint project by Wente Family Vineyards (a family owned and operated winery in business since 1883) and the Food Channel. The Entwine website describes their line of wines as varietal blends, which indicates that other grapes are added to the mix (in California for a wine to say, for example, Cabernet Sauvignon on the front label, a minimum of 75% of the grapes must be Cabernet Sauvignon), but there is no mention of what grapes, if any, where used. The wine was aged for 12 months in French, American and Eastern European oak barrels, each type of oak adds its own specific flavor profile to the wine, French oak is the most common oak used, but it is also the most expensive. The grapes were sourced from more than one California grape growing AVA and were sustainably grown. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is ruby red with black highlights. The nose is blackberry, spearmint chewing gum and a whiff of toasty vanilla. This is a silky smooth, medium bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, it tastes of fresh blueberries and black Twizzlers. The mid palate changes things up with an unexpected slap of herbs and orange zest. The tannins are soft, the acidity is balanced and the finish starts off strong, but quickly fades.

The Entwine Cabernet Sauvignon is a tasty, fruit forward, drink-it-now Cab, with not a lot of depth and complexity (at around $10, you can’t complain about that). But the mid palate makes all the difference, the easy to drink Cabernet takes a savory herbal turn, it is still not complex, but the Entwine Cabernet makes it own statement.

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